Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Future of European Union

As of late, we have all been observers of the drama around the Greek situation. Main gist of the drama is around Greece and its ability to pay off its debts to its creditors. The drama has been a constant theme of speculation from at least 2011.

Major participants from the Greek side are politicians. The future of the Greece in hands of these elected offials. But why does the politicions have so much power in determining the fate of one country. Why can't the business community of Greece take part in the discussions. As far as I know, the conditions set by the creditors committee include many elements that concern both the business community and main street.

Well, I am just a regular guy who has an intense interest in having a strong Europe and united Europe. After the recession of 2008-09, the world economy is just getting its pace. And we desperately need to work together to have a better future for all of us. Therefore, I really wish that the current impasse will get resolved and we start focusing on real issues, like corporate earnings and growth of the overal economy.

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