Thursday, June 18, 2015

3 New Additions to My Long Term Investing Portfolio: United Pacific Corp., Wal-Mart Stores. Inc and Chevron Corp.

Here are two new additions to my portfolio:

1) UNP - BUY @ 101.20
2) WMT - BUY @ 72.73
3) CVX - BUY @ 99.74

As I have noted in my previous posts, my strategy in picking stocks is simple. I try to find quality companies that have been shoot and left for dead, for reasons that should not matter much in the long term. Companies has to have certain moats, that will help them overcome current business related issues and ride out the unfavorable macro environment.

It is a new thing for me to publish publicly my picks, but I am willing to put my record on public, so that I can invite feedback from interested parties. I think, healthy dose of discussion will never diminish the value of independent thinking that I cherish a lot.

I am not going to state my thesis on purchasing these securities in a current post, but I promise to publish the main points in the near future.

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