Thursday, January 29, 2015

Markets are down considerably - what to make out of for DGI fans?

Markets are down considerably in the last couple of days, or maybe weeks. I have not checked the exact data, but anyone can go to and get the factual data about the market movement as of late.

My question for this article is, what should a DGI fan to do when markets are in taispin?

The short answer is "nothing". What do I mean by that?

Well, as a person who has chosen to become a real investor, instead of a pseudo-investor (ie traders of all sorts), we have a great advantage, which is time. Simply put, we have a tool on our side that has a capacity to make or break true results. Over time, every business that earns money and puts back some of it in the form of retained earnings, has got to grow its capitalization.

In any case, the on ly question an investor should ask if this is an opportunity to add to his positions or new positions to his portfolio. Ina true sense, the downward movements of stocks are good. They should frighten us, on the contrary we have to use these moments to make money.

Therfore, one thing a DGI fan should do is take his spare capital and put it to a use.

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