Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Doing Nothing is Doing Something - Holding AAPL

Investing as well the best things in life, should be simple. However, simple doesn't mean easy. The most difficult thing is to hold the shares and watch how it is being sold down. It is not easy, trust me. 

But, AAPL is an interesting company, that it knows how to shock the wider audience. Being a long time shareholder, I was galdly shocked byt eh last nights results. Company seems to be doing everything right. Most people, have been blaming AAPL that it is a one trick pony company, however, many people don't realize that producing the best possible phones are not easy. One has to know how to sell them as efficiently as possible. AAPL has opened many more stores in China, and is planning to open many more stores in the future. How can a company, that sells phones for much higher ASP, succeeds to grow in China?! No matter what naysayers say, AAPL is a real BEAST!

One conclusion, that come to my mind, is that one has to just buy it and hold it. Over time, AAPL will make do good to its shareholders.

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