Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 Results and Recent News for 2016

 The following is the annual letter to my investors (mainly to my wife). Please enjoy.

January 2, 2016
Astana, Kazakhstan

Dear Partner,

In 2015, the Green Valley Fund (“GVF” or “Fund”) appreciated by +52.5% on a gross return basis. Since the inception of the “GVF” on March 1, 2014, the Fund has appreciated by +109% before LP related allocations.

2014 (from 03.01.14)
Since Inception (03.01.14)
GVF Gross Return
S&P 500

Fund Performance
The 2015 has been an interesting year in terms of asset allocation. There has definitely been difficulties. However, the result was up to par and we achieved our goal of 35% threshold.

Mainly the gains were achieved by having AAPL, AMZN, NFLX and GOOGL in the portfolio. The mentioned stocks were bought in the first part of the year and held through the year-end. No other stocks were bought.

Major News

In 2016,  I will change my strategy from passive holding of securities to a more active trading. Mainly, I will be trading options and futures. And after March, I am planning to start trading stocks too. I will be regularly posting my ideas, thoughts and results here, on my blog.

Best regards.
GP - Talgat Akhmetov
Tel: +7 (701) 218-8106
Date: January 02, 2016

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